Gledhill BoilerMate 2000 Parts & Spares Guide

Understanding Your Gledhill BoilerMate 2000: Parts & Spares Explained

Your Gledhill BoilerMate 2000 is an essential part of your home's heating and hot water system, ensuring comfort and convenience. To help you grasp its various components, here's a detailed guide explaining each part and its function:

  • Switch Control PCB XB386: This printed circuit board manages the operation of the switch control system, regulating the boiler's functions based on user input and system requirements.

  • Electro Mechanical Clock XB215: The electro-mechanical clock provides traditional timing features for scheduling the boiler's operation, allowing you to set heating and hot water schedules according to your preferences.

  • PCB Stand Off Pegs (Set of 4) XB045: These pegs provide support and spacing for the printed circuit boards within the boiler, ensuring proper alignment and electrical connections.

  • Store Sensor GT147: The store sensor monitors the temperature of the stored water within the boiler, allowing the system to adjust heating operations accordingly to maintain optimal temperature levels.

  • Relay Base XB147: This component serves as the mounting base for electrical relays within the boiler, facilitating the control of various functions such as pump operation and heating elements.

  • DHW Sensor GT153: The domestic hot water (DHW) sensor measures the temperature of the hot water leaving the boiler, ensuring it reaches the desired temperature for domestic use.

  • Digital Clock XB216: The digital clock offers modern programming features for scheduling the boiler's operation, providing precision and convenience for managing your heating and hot water needs.

  • Grundfos 15/60 Pump XB241 (Replacement Pump) XB1016 and Grundfos 15/50 Pump XB004 (Replacement Pump) XB1016: These pumps circulate water through the boiler and heating system, ensuring even distribution of heat and hot water to different parts of your home.

  • 28mm Pump Valve XB122 and 22mm Pump Valve XB121: These valves regulate the flow of water from the pump into the boiler, controlling the pressure and ensuring efficient circulation throughout the system.

  • Switch Heating Element XB341: This heating element is responsible for heating the water within the boiler, ensuring it reaches the desired temperature for domestic use.

  • Plate Heat Exchanger GT017: The plate heat exchanger transfers heat between two separate fluid streams, allowing for efficient heating of the domestic hot water using heat from the boiler.

  • Flow Regulator GT086: The flow regulator controls the flow rate of water within the boiler, optimizing performance and efficiency.

  • Ballvalve FT207: This valve controls the flow of water into the boiler, allowing for automatic filling and maintaining the correct water level within the system.

  • Appliance Control PCB GT155: This printed circuit board manages various functions of the boiler, including temperature control, pump operation, and safety features.

  • 5 Amp Fuse XB382 and 3025 Lc Fuse XB364: These fuses protect the electrical components of the boiler from electrical overload, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

  • Y Strainer XB314: The Y strainer removes debris and impurities from the water supply, preventing blockages and ensuring smooth operation of the boiler.

  • Switch Control Thermostat XB344: This thermostat regulates the temperature of the water within the boiler, ensuring it remains within safe operating limits.

  • Switch Control Knob XB378: The control knob allows you to adjust various settings and functions of the boiler, such as temperature and operation mode.

  • Single Check Valve Superseded By GT045 (GT048): This valve prevents backflow of water into the boiler, maintaining system integrity and preventing contamination.

  • Relay XB146: This electrical relay controls the activation of various components within the boiler, such as pumps and heating elements, based on input from the control system.

  • Plastic F + E Tank XB343: This tank serves as the feed and expansion tank for the heating system, providing a reservoir for makeup water and accommodating thermal expansion of the water within the system.

  • Electronic Noise Filter XB307: This filter suppresses electrical noise and interference within the boiler's electrical circuits, ensuring stable operation and preventing malfunctions.

  • Ball Float FT429: The ball float controls the water level within the feed and expansion tank, preventing overfilling and ensuring proper operation of the boiler.

Understanding these components and their functions will help you better maintain and troubleshoot your Gledhill BoilerMate 2000. If you encounter any issues or require assistance, consult a qualified technician for support.