Common Faults with Gledhill Boilermate OVR

Fault Finding and troubleshoot Guide for Gledhill Boilermate OVR System

Please note that all maintenance and repair tasks must be conducted by a qualified engineer. For detailed instructions, refer to the Gledhill Boilermate OVR manual.

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Despite everyone's best efforts, issues may arise with the Gledhill Boilermate OVR system, leading to complaints from the householder. These complaints typically fall into three main categories:

  1. Noisy System:

    • Noisy pump operation: Check water level in the F & E cistern and adjust or vent the pump/system if necessary.
    • Check boiler pump speed setting and heating pump speed setting. Adjust if necessary to prevent excessive temperature rise.
    • Ensure proper adjustment of the heating system bypass valve and balance the radiators.
    • Noisy boiler operation: Measure temperature rise across the boiler to adjust pump speed accordingly. Vent the system if necessary.
    • Noise when hot water tap is opened: Check F & E cistern water level and vent the pump if needed. Address any water hammer issues.
  2. Unsatisfactory Hot Water Service:

    • Ensure Boilermate is full of water and the boiler thermostat is set at maximum.
    • Check boiler flow temperature to ensure it meets specifications and that the store is charging adequately.
    • Verify the hot water plate heat exchanger pump operates correctly when taps are opened and closed.
    • Confirm the plate heat exchanger pump is set to maximum speed.
    • Ensure the system load does not exceed the boiler output and that the system is suitable for the dwelling type.
    • If hot water flow rate is reduced, consider descaling the heat exchanger or replacing it with a factory exchange unit.
  3. Unsatisfactory Space Heating:

    • Ensure the boiler thermostat is set at maximum and that the boiler flow temperature meets requirements.
    • Check the operation and settings of the heating programmer and room thermostat.
    • Verify the heating system pump circulates water to the radiator circuit.
    • Balance the system or check thermostatic radiator valves if some rooms are not heated properly.

Other Considerations:

  • Check feed and expansion cistern water level and adjust if necessary to prevent overflow.
  • If powerflushing the heating system, isolate the Boilermate appliance to avoid damage.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for powerflushing equipment.
  • If unsure, consult the technical helpline before proceeding.
  • Note: If the A.C.B. board is replaced, ensure it is properly set to the appliance type and check system controls/operation accordingly.

It is imperative to promptly address these common problems to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the Gledhill Boilermate 3 system. Qualified engineers should diagnose and repair any issues in adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations.