Gledhill BoilerMate 2 Parts & Spares Guide

Optimise Your Gledhill BoilerMate 2: Essential Parts & Spares Explained

Your Gledhill BoilerMate 2 is a crucial element of your home's heating and hot water system, ensuring comfort and convenience. To help you understand its components better, here's a comprehensive guide to the key parts and their functions:

  • Pump Drive PCB XB104: This printed circuit board controls the operation of the pump, regulating the flow of water in the system for efficient heating and hot water distribution.

  • Delay Timer PCB XB041: The delay timer PCB allows you to set specific times for the boiler to operate, helping you optimize energy usage and ensure hot water is available when needed.

  • Capillary Thermostat XB117: The capillary thermostat monitors the temperature of the water in the boiler, activating the heating system when the temperature drops below the set point and deactivating it once the desired temperature is reached.

  • Remote Clock Fixing Kit (XB217): This kit includes components to securely mount the remote clock, providing easy access to control and program the boiler's operation from a convenient location.

  • Mixing Valve XC007: The mixing valve regulates the temperature of the water leaving the boiler, ensuring it is suitable for various applications such as heating or domestic hot water usage.

  • Thermostat Rod XB081: The thermostat rod measures the temperature of the water within the boiler, allowing the system to maintain optimal operating conditions for efficient performance.

  • Ballvalve FT207: This valve controls the flow of water into the boiler, allowing for automatic filling and maintaining the correct water level within the system.

  • PHE Pump Washers XC008: These washers ensure a tight seal between the plate heat exchanger (PHE) and the pump, preventing leaks and optimizing heat transfer efficiency.

  • PCB Stand Off Pegs (Set of 4) XB045: These pegs provide support and spacing for the various printed circuit boards within the boiler, ensuring proper alignment and electrical connections.

  • Immersion Washer FT407: The immersion washer seals the immersion heater element, preventing water leaks and ensuring safe and efficient heating.

  • Electro Mechanical Clock XB215: This clock provides a traditional method for programming and scheduling the boiler's operation, allowing you to set heating and hot water timings according to your preferences.

  • Grundfos 15/50 Pump XB004 (Replacement Pump) XB1016: The Grundfos pump circulates water through the boiler and heating system, ensuring even distribution of heat and hot water.

  • Digital Clock XB216: The digital clock offers modern programming features for scheduling the boiler's operation, providing precision and convenience for managing your heating and hot water needs.

  • 28mm Pump Valve XB122: This valve controls the flow of water from the pump into the boiler, regulating the pressure and ensuring efficient circulation throughout the system.

Understanding these components and their functions will help you maximize the performance and efficiency of your Gledhill BoilerMate 2. If you encounter any issues or require maintenance, consult a qualified technician for assistance.