Common Faults with Gledhill Boilermate A-Class

Fault Finding Guide and troubleshooting for Gledhill Boilermate A-Class System

Note: All maintenance and repairs should be conducted by a certified engineer. The contents below have been extracted from the following provided by the manufacturer.

Download Here : Gledhill BoilerMate A-Class Manual

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1. Noisy System:

  • Pump Operation: Check water level in F & E cistern, adjust and vent if needed.
  • Heating Circuit Pressure: Fill to 1.5 bar, vent if necessary.
  • Boiler/Heating Pump: Adjust speed if needed, ensuring temperature rise is about 11°C.
  • 3 Port Valve: Check operation.
  • Heating Bypass Valve: Check and adjust if necessary.
  • Radiator Balance: Ensure radiators are balanced correctly.

2. Unsatisfactory Hot Water Service:

  • Water Level: Confirm Boilermate is full of water when cold.
  • Boiler Thermostat: Set to maximum.
  • Boiler Flow Temperature: Check adequacy when it stops firing.
  • Store Charging: Ensure it's at least 75°C.
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Pump: Ensure it stops/starts with hot water tap, set at max speed.
  • Load vs. Boiler Output: Ensure load isn't greater than boiler output.
  • Scale Buildup: Replace heat exchanger if affected by scale.

3. Unsatisfactory Space Heating:

  • Boiler Thermostat: Set to maximum.
  • Boiler Flow Temperature: Ensure it's adequate before turning off.
  • Heating Programmer/Room Thermostat: Check operation and settings.
  • Heating Pump/3 Port Valve: Ensure they're working properly.
  • Room Heating: Balance system/check thermostatic radiator valves if fitted.

4. Overflow from Feed and Expansion Cistern:

  • Water Level: Adjust as necessary.

5. Powerflushing/Cleaning of Heating System:

  • Isolate Boilermate from heating system during powerflushing.
  • Comply fully with manufacturer's instructions for powerflushing equipment.

6. ACB Board Replacement:

  • Set to appliance type as per instructions on page 10.
  • Check system controls/operation.

7. Emergency Electric Backup:

  • Switch on as per instructions until further assistance.
  • Ensure Benchmark commissioning/service record sheet is available for manufacturer visit.

For detailed instructions, refer to the Gledhill Boilermate A-Class manual. All repair works must be conducted by a qualified engineer.